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The Greatest Games ever played

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    Re: The Greatest Games ever played

    BC vs Miami, March 30, 2008, Northeast Regional final at Worcester, MA
    Box Score

    Down 2-0 with 3:12 to go in the 2nd period, Boston College scores 3 goals in 1:58 to take a 3-2 lead into the locker room. Miami ties the game at the 9:02 mark of the 3rd, but BC wins it on Joe Whitney's hilite reel goal in OT.

    Boston College advanced to the Frozen Four, dismantling North Dakota (6-1) and Notre Dame (4-1) for the 2008 National Championship.
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      Re: The Greatest Games ever played

      Originally posted by LynahFan View Post
      That was the greatest night of hockey I ever saw. It was held in the old barn (Boston Garden) and it was the LOUDEST I have EVER heard the building (pro or college), and I have been to that venue well over 100 times. UNH scored 19 seconds into the THIRD overtime when Bobby Gould came over the blue line and rocketed a shot past the Cornell goalie. The place was packed with UNH fans (only an hour's drive away) in the balcony, which hung right over the ice. The ensuing eruption shook the building! But what many people forget about was the second game of the doubleheader (which admittedly was an anti-climax to those who were not fans of either team). In another unbelievable ending, BU trailed Clarkson 6-3 with less than five minutes to play and then scored three goals (the final one by Olympian Dave Silk) to win 7-6. This was the "old" ECAC before the inception of Hockey East. I was a 22 year-old grad student at the time and I'll never forget that night!


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        Re: The Greatest Games ever played

        Originally posted by gounhwildcats View Post
        One of the greatest I remember seeing was the UNH game against North Dakota in the opening round of the NCAA's in 2009. UNH scored the tying goal with a tenth of a second on the clock and won it in OT. Just a phenomenal game by both teams, and neither deserved to lose.
        I was at that game too and totally agree with you that is probably the greatest game i have every saw in person.


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          Re: The Greatest Games ever played

          Seems difficult to define in a formula what makes a game great, since there are so many influences.

          - Game Implications: Did the game mean something? Was a win required for the team to make the playoffs? Was it a tournament game? Was it for the National Title?

          - Non-Game Cultural Implications: The US beating Russia (1980 Olympics) was great for more than just beating a seemingly unbeatable team. This was also an unstable time between the two countries politically.

          - Non-Game Sports Implications: Not directly related to that particular game, but still something that was being played for. The Gophers finally winning a National Title after 20+ years for example, or like the Red Sox winning the World Series after 86 years. The games outcome meant more in a sense then the individual game ever could.

          - Game Quality: Was it a great game because the two teams played well? Did a goalie stand on his head, or one of the players record a hat trick? Or was it simply great based on how long the game went (5 OT)? Maybe it was a last second goal that changed the game.

          - Rivalry: Rivalry games certainly mean more to the players. They always have a chance to be great games, because everyone is giving their top effort. Rivalry games, even when not good games, tend to stick in peoples minds.

          I am sure there are many more factors you could list. I'm not sure how you can cram these things into a formula.
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            Re: The Greatest Games ever played

            Originally posted by JF_Gophers View Post
            Seems difficult to define in a formula what makes a game great, since there are so many influences.
            I agree. To be honest, I didn't even read the stuff about "formulas" - I just looked at the name of the thread and gave my input based on that!


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              Re: The Greatest Games ever played

              The two BU ones I would point out have been mentioned...the NMU title game was crazy - it had big leads, comebacks, multiple OT, game saving plays, shots off posts was a lot packed into one game.

              The 09 title game was certainly great if you were rooting for an exciting finish or BU. Probably won't get many votes from Miami fans on that one.
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                Re: The Greatest Games ever played

                1993 Maine vs Michigan NCAA semis Game lasted 4+ hours


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                  Re: The Greatest Games ever played

                  Here's the thing with the multiple-overtime games, though. I have seen some 3-overtime games in my life, both NCAA and NHL, and they are not exciting toward the end. Suspenseful, of course, but not exciting. I have never seen a third overtime that was more exciting than the first overtime. Teams are ragged, there are no scoring chances other than potshots from the blue line. The St Lawrence-BU quarterfinal in Albany in 2000 is the perfect example of a very bad, unexciting (but suspenseful) multiple overtime game. The hockey in the last couple of overtimes was just terrible--like watching a high school jv game or something.

                  I would almost suggest that games should start losing points in your formula once 90 minutes or so have been played.

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                    Re: The Greatest Games ever played

                    Great topic FS23!! Here are some I haven't seen mentioned. Unfortunately, I think box scores will be next to impossible for most of them.

                    Minnesota 7 - Michigan St. 6 3OT - 1976 WCHA Tournament - Old Mariucci Arena - Minneapolis, MN
                    Game 2 of total goal series. Qualified Minnesota for the Frozen 4, where they won the National Championship.

                    Bowling Green 5 - Minnesota-Duluth 4 4OT - 1984 NCAA Championship - Olympic Center - Lake Placid, NY
                    Marathon game that was always UMD's close call...until last spring.

                    Lake Superior St. 4 - St. Lawrence 3 OT - 1988 NCAA Championship - Olympic Center - Lake Placid, NY
                    Overtime thriller for Lake State's first ever championship.

                    Maine 4 - Michigan 3 3OT - 1995 NCAA Semi-Final - Providence Civic Center - Providence, RI
                    Maine went on the lose to Boston U in the Championship 2 days later.

                    North Dakota 4 - Minnesota 3 OT - 1997 WCHA Championship - St. Paul Civic Center - St. Paul, MN
                    Teams tied for the MacNaughton Cup and this game paved the way for UND's National Championship.

                    The following have already been mentioned but they are the best non-overtime games I've ever seen.

                    Minneosta 5 - North Dakota 4 - 2004 WCHA Championship - Xcel Center - St. Paul, MN
                    Both rosters loaded with high end talent. High flying, end to end action. Unfortunately, both teams kind of crapped out the next weekend in their respective NCAA Regional Finals with both missing the Frozen Four.

                    Denver 1 - Maine 0 - 2004 NCAA Championship - FleetCenter - Boston, MA
                    Speaking of the 2004 Frozen Four. DU's kill of a Maine 6 on 3 advantage for what seemed like an eternity. Unbelievable game. Side note: My brother-in-law and I looked at each other after this game and decided that we're never missing the Frozen Four again. That game remains the last Frozen Four game I didn't see in person.
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                      Re: The Greatest Games ever played

                      Originally posted by Happy View Post
                      Minnesota versus Brock Hall, 9-1, winning the AAU National Championship, and ending the 1939–40 season undefeated at 18-0. the Minnesota team had 2 All-Americans, John Mariucci and Harold Paulsen.
                      Great game indeed.
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                        Re: The Greatest Games ever played


                        December 20, 2003 - Denver @ Minnesota State. Denver went on to win the National Championship this year, but this was probably the craziest game I have ever seen in person. Minnesota State had the best talent they ever had with David Backes and Shane Joseph and it sure made one for the ages with scoring 7 unanswered and winning 8-7.
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                          Re: The Greatest Games ever played

                          I only heard about this game, and it may not be among the greatest, but certainly one of the most unusual. Lake State vs.NMU(I think). Halfway through, Lake State is down 6-0. Don Jackson starts pulling his goalie on every faceoff on the other half of the ice, and ends up winning 7-6.


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                            Re: The Greatest Games ever played

                            The 2000 NCAA Regional Final between Boston University and St. Lawrence University. Someone else had mentioned this game below as well. This game was won by St. Lawrence University 3-2 in the 4th overtime. It was a great game! Also, I would go with the 1988 NCAA Championship Game where Lake Superior State won there first National Championship 4-3 in overtime against St. Lawrence University.
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                              Re: The Greatest Games ever played

                              2002 NCAA Final - Minnesota vs Maine

                              1979 NCAA Final - Minnesota vs North Dakota

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                                Re: The Greatest Games ever played

                                Yeah great topic.. Fun to read through the posts and be reminded of so many great games.