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Frozen Four Oddities.

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    Originally posted by Fighting Sioux 23 View Post
    Michigan won the National Championship in both Football and Hockey in the '97-'98 school year.
    There's still no NCAA recognized championship in FBS football.
    Originally posted by SCSU Euro
    What are you TALKING about? Best fans, best travelling, best insults nobody else understands, best talking in nerdy code. MTU rocks at like everything but winning hockey games.


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      Re: Frozen Four Oddities.

      Originally posted by Flashy Man View Post
      There's still no NCAA recognized championship in FBS football.
      Then you can throw out Michigan State's little fact from '66 and say that Minnesota-Duluth is the only school to win both an NCAA Football Tournament and Hockey Tournament in the same school year. FWIW though, the poster never claimed it had to be an NCAA title, just that they were National Champions.
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        Re: Frozen Four Oddities.

        This was apparently poorly researched by ESPN or researched by a Michigan State grad. They kept saying that Michigan State was the only other team to win both in '1966.' Even though that is vague I'll assume they meant a 65-66 school year double, however, as FS23 mentioned, Michigan did the same in 07-08. You could say they were talking calendar year, even though that's not what UMD did, because the College Football Data Warehouse also recognizes a MSU title in 66, but Michigan did the same in 1948.
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