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2011 Frozen Four Thread - Minnesota Duluth - Notre Dame - North Dakota - Michigan

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  • Re: 2011 Frozen Four Thread - Minnesota Duluth - Notre Dame - North Dakota - Michigan

    Originally posted by Biddco View Post
    The difference is when people leave Duluth during the winter they actually come in the summer. Unlike Michigan where they never come back. Only state in the union losing people. Took that title from NoDak.
    Our folks are leaving the state faster than the illegals can replace them. I think they see so many cars with Michigan plates going the other way they get scared and stop by the time they get to Illinois or Indiana.
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    • Re: 2011 Frozen Four Thread - Minnesota Duluth - Notre Dame - North Dakota - Michigan

      Originally posted by IrishHockeyFan View Post
      Yeah, it was all the fault of one governor, and no other state in the Union suffered at all from a stalled economy over the last 3 years.

      In a state where the population center (and much of the outlying industrial base as well) had depended in large part on a single industry for the better part of a century there is no factual basis to blame one former governor for her failure to "diversify" industry. The policies of the five previous administrations also did little or nothing to stem the tide of lost jobs in the auto industry, something that didn't just start in the last 8 years. Detroit and the US automakers have been steadily shedding jobs since George Romney was governor.

      If you want to display a stunning lack of understanding of economics, go find an appropriate thread in the Cafe. Oh, and so we don't even need to go there, I lean to the right on most issues and tend to vote for Republican candidates about 75% of the time. So no, I was no fawning fan of Jennifer Granholm.
      I wasn't referring to Gov. Granholm, I was actually talking about King John. Gov. Granholm, actually tried to diversify the Michigan economy but by the time she was in office it was too late.

      The issue with the economy is more significant in this state simply because there is no business here. That is why people are leaving the state, there is no work.
      Originally posted by alfablue
      Still bitter, eh? Gotta get over it someday. He left, and UMICH was right.
      Originally posted by Nick Papagiorgio
      I think Notre Dame should wear sparkly silver helmets to match all their runner-up trophies.