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  • Mandi Scwartz

    Here is Mandi's plight.

    Here's how you might be able to help:

    I would be remiss if I didn't approach every hockey fan regardless of Nationality to send an email to CBC with the headline Mandi Schwartz expressing your interest in having Don Cherry feature Mandi's story on HNIC tomorrow night. This in an effort to raise immediate awareness of Mandi's and many others... need for a core blood donor. It's a long shot...I know, but exposing Mandi's story on Canada's National Broadcaster, to what will likely be the largest hockey audience on record watching a game six is a long shot that will be taken.

    Spread the word. If it isn't enough that one life begins during the delivery of a child, something so simple as donating core blood could in all likelihood save another. Who knew?

    God Speed Mandi.....