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Dr. Seuss Fan
01-20-2012, 07:59 PM
Going to overtime. Yikes. Hope it is a great turnout for the "Pioneers in Women's Ice Hockey" festivities. Our D is there for sure. (Back to the game...)

Dr. Seuss Fan
01-20-2012, 08:10 PM
Dartmouth wins in OT - 4-3, with Reagan Fischer scoring the GWG. Audio was poor at best so don't know who had the assist(s).

01-22-2012, 02:43 PM
Dr. Seuss Fan- All: I was there for last night's game. Jaw dropping. Goal came at the very close of overtime. Green was some out played in the first period but was the better team from then on out. Maybe even during overtime. Early in the game, we all thought we had a goal as after a flurry at goalmouth, scoreboard put one up for Dartmouth. There was no red light, however. Referee seemed to signal goal.

Anyway, it was taken down. Cornell is always dangerous these days with the bounteous flow of seeming 'ringers' (now) year in, year out. They are, as well, the Ivy closest to Canada and in Ontario where I go, the one most known. They are a BIG school in comparison to Dartmouth- maybe three or four times the enrollment (I see 14,000 undergraduates...) Many, many scholarships, therefore. Many. Wonder if it is Ken Dryden.

But we skated beyond their reach for much of the game and there were so many close ones at the Cornell goal mouth. They had had a long week with three away games and did at times seem winded. I yelled. Loud!

I also went over and greeted the women 'Pioneers' (wonderful players for Dartmouth during the first ten years of the program- 1974-1984, etc.) They sat across the way having what looked like a marvelous time. They were introduced between periods. Bravo to them! Also a great article about them in the Friday Valley News. Very funny- first year practiced one hour a week at the old Davis Rink and had two games- one, Hanover High school girls, the other a 17-0 loss. One woman quoted as saying in some games they never got the puck out of their own end! Women mostly on figure skates and borrowed/ersatz equipment to start.

01-23-2012, 12:07 PM
One hand car (at times) pumping hard here- for Green!

Someone said Kelly and Reagan Dartmouth's perhaps best players. They are truly noteworthy! I would also currently include Sasha in the top group especially for her non-stop effort against Kenny Dryden's upstate apple knockers. Works as hard as anyone save maybe Jenna Hobieka, out there. They all work hard for that matter! I did on an earlier occasion witness Jenna's holding power,say- backing down the entire Cornell Big Red team...which as a spectator, got me (back) to my feet!

Bravo, Green. You always win my heart.
Saturday was no exception!

02-18-2012, 05:41 PM
Dartmouths in town again, la la la...
Dartmouths in town again, LA LA LA
LA La- La La La La, La La- La La La La,
La La la la la laaaaaaa

OK to SING along!