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05-11-2011, 02:55 PM
since the CBA went into effect, have there been ANY free agent seniors who made it to the NHL?

I have a feeling that if he did not go after his sophomore season, he is not going.
he is 5'9"
his shot is not as hard as Colin Shields's , and Colin is an all star in Ireland
he stick handled through traffic about three times this past season.
he cannot hit a team mate in the tape to save his life, he cannot hit anywhere near as "hard" as Damon or Leveille
time and space and vision don't mean anything if the pass is not off his stick in time not to be blocked by the D and if the pass is to the backhand of the guy receiving it.

how many passes were in the highlight reel by sweeper?

YES, I will agree that picking Genoway's pocket and hitting House in the crease were all american plays, but they were against a demoralized, perpetually short handed UND squad that had given up. He never did those things against Lowell or Providence, and I think that a sure fire NHLer would have done them over and over against the less competitive teams.

sorry.. he is good, and he might have the most accurate, hard Maine shot ever (I never saw Jack Capuano and I did see Shields and Rodrigue), but until he can pass and score against top defensive pairs, I am not convinced.

Marco Rosa was better and he played with BAD team mates

Abbott has great hockey sense, but lack of speed with his size will handicap him at the next level. Good solid college player, but I cant see him doing much beyond this.

As far as hard shots go, you didnt need to see Capuano's. All you needed to see was Rodrigue's. The entire arena ducked and covered their ears when he wound up. The goalie was usually pretty safe though. :D:D