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03-13-2011, 07:43 AM
Let's see here. What will Tim's excuses be for this season come next week.

1. Injuries
2. Youth in goal
3. Bad Luck

Well, I have news for you Timmay, you always have injuries in hockey. Because this is college, you always have youth. Oh, and hard work creates its own luck.

There are no excuses anymore. None. Good coaches find a way to overcome the above, and you are not a good coach. You were fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time and inherited a powerhouse, rode the success of it for all it was worth, and proceeded to drive it right into the ground.

Have fun reading the thread Tim, there are more than five "whackos" on the Internet now.

You think he cares? Now TIMMAY can take the family on that nice long vacation they've been waiting on til the season ended, head someplace warm and sunny, sip some boat drinks for a few weeks, then spend the next six months sitting back and relaxing.

The good thing about getting knocked out so early is that his team will be much more rested and ready to go come next October than all those other teams still playing.

No worries for TIMMAY. He's got the big money contract. His 'system' is unassailable. just gotta get the boys to execute it correctly. No need for second-guessing, or introspection, or perhaps even some study and research into tearing apart the whole thing and putting in something that works. No need to listen to any other party's input into the way the team is run. TIMMAY knows what works, and damm it, he's the head coach!!

03-13-2011, 08:05 AM
As for the gama last night, that's how you finish off an opponent once you get him down. Merrimack was bigger, more physical, and hell, they even looked faster than Maine. I don't understand how the team looked so lacking in passion and intensity in that game, but to me it looked like they were just going through the motions. Sticking to the system, not wanting to take chances or make a mistake. And yet, mistakes all over the place.After a few weeks of cutting them loose and letting them play, looks like TIMMAY decided he needed to start coaching 'em again. With predictable results.

Sullivan didn't look good at all, his glove hand was horrible all night, couldn't hold onto a beach ball. I don't know what it is, but it seems he's good for a few week's stretch, and then falls apart? Wearing down mentally or physically, I don't know, but he did this at the beginning of the season, and now did it here. It seems he needs someone to spell him after a few weeks, so he can come back fresh and focused. Maybe if Sirman or Ouellette improve enough that we can go to a true rotation it'll help,. but we need some besides this part-time hack from new Brunswick to be coaching them.

Aside form the unfortunate high-sticking call, Hegarty looked to be the best defensman out there. No one else, eiter offensively or defensively stood out to me, they just looked to passive, too automaton-like, just skating through the play, but with no desire, no emotion. Just like their coach.

Great shot of the night, after Nyquist and Flanigan(?) went off for matching, the cameras focused in on TIMMAY, who had his patented deer in the headlights look on full display. Just watching the Mack steamroll over him, and helpless to do anything about it.

So someone tell me; Is it really that harder to recruit at Maine than it is to convince someone to go to Merrimack? Maybe in the future it will be, as a kid going to Merrimack will know he's got a chance at winning games, but now, and the past few years? If Dennehy can get good players to come to the Mack and make something of them, than why can't Maine? Oh yeah, that's right, the Mack doesn't have TIMMAY. He needs to go, now, and take Danny-boy with him. If Dennehy can do this with Merrimack, a good young coach can do the same at Maine.

I said, a good coach. But we've got TIMMAY. Where'd Union get their good young head coach from, anyway?

03-13-2011, 08:37 AM
Yeah, what y'all said. This season was a complete and catastrophic coaching failure. If anything could have gone wrong, it did. Just the perfect way to ruin a season was on display. I could echo everything that's already been said about this year, but why bother and I dont have the interest anymore to do so.

Its wasted energy and time now for me to closely follow this team with Whitehead as head coach. He's proven consistently now that he is not the man for this job. I guess inside we all know he will never step down and relieve the Maine fans, and entire state for that matter, of this slow and painful death to a once great program. It will be our burden to bear until he is eventually gone and some amount of hope can be injected when a replacement finally shows up. All we can do is display our utter disdain at what he is doing to the program until he is gone. Sad, sad situation.Its become just a waste of my time. I find myself truly envious of UML and PC for what they have managed to do.

I hope next season I wont pick up my annual interest in following hockey. Its become just a waste of my time. Future winters need to be spent on some Carribean island sipping pina coladas or rum punches. Much less painful. :)

03-13-2011, 09:07 AM
Very well said. It is difficult to invest in the team financially or emotionally when it is apparent that the head coach is not invested in the success of the program.

and you and Jeff have been some of the biggest supporters of the team... it is sad when Timmay drives away the die hards...

03-13-2011, 09:31 AM
Well Runsub5 thanks for trying to bring some civility to this post. I got so frustrated I quit for a while. Priceless it appears has done the same. I am one of the many Maine fans that typically attends every Frozen Four. What I got a kick out of was back when Tim was getting teams to the FF the same people were on him to be fired then. Like many Maine fans I am disappointed in the results this year and expected more. I also know that next year will be a challenge. But I have mellowed with age. This year we had a team that lost a number of games they should have won, turnovers and soft goals have cost us at least 4 wins, and blowing leads late has been a problem. As we need to learn to win again.

There have been good things this year too! And while I know we will struggle to score I do think our D will be better next year.

I continue to believe that we will once again be back in the future, but I also have enjoyed the ride, knowing there would be ups and downs at every step. Can anyone remember 1994 and how we dealt with all the NCAA forfeits? How about Shawn's suspension? And even Shawn had some bad down years. The game and recruiting have changed sooo much and we lost 2 to 3 years of recruiting between Grant's last 2 years, which were not good, and Guy's one which was mediocre.

Who knows what the future holds, but I'll be there, as I will be in North Andover tonight!

Now if we could get some goaltending.........

BobF, I know you mean well and are trying to be what you think is "reasonable." I know that you're not a newbie, but I think you're lacking the very long term perspective that many of us who have supported Maine hockey since games were played outdoors down by the river, weather permitting. This is very far from a disappointing season or two, it's a long term downward spiral to a program that we all supported and watched get built from scratch. Just we all were excited long ago by the rise of Maine hockey, we're saddened and frustrated by its decline and only one man is responsible for that decline, TIMMAY! By pretending that it's a short term thing and that a few tweaks to the goaltending program or one or two good players coming to Maine might turn things around, you're acting as an enabler to failure. You may see some of the comments on here as uncivil, but I see them as a lot more than that. They are a reflection of the extreme frustration that the true, long term supporters of Maine hockey are feeling. Many of us resisted this as we saw the beginnings of the big fade that is Tim Whitehead, we wanted to believe and felt much as you do now, that it was just a bad year or two or some bad luck that everyone has to deal with. But now it's apparent that it's much more and we can't ignore it any more. If TIMMAY doesn't go, and go soon, Maine will be permanently stuck at the bottom of our league, interest will wane, and we'll have seen the last of players like Nyquist or Moore or even skilled walk-ons like Flynn. This is NOT the time to be fiddling while Rome burns, and make no mistake, the Maine hockey program IS burning down right before our eyes and something has to be done about it or we just won't have a credible Division One program any more and this time around with increased competition for good players, even a modern day Shawn Walsh won't be able to work another miracle in Orono. My roots and ties to UMaine go back LONG before Tim Whitehead ever heard of Orono, Maine and will continue long after he's moved on and is lending his "talents" to some Division 3 school where he'll fit in just fine. I graduated from Orono and my parents met and graduated from there and my grandfather was a Umaine grad (2 degrees) too, my siblings are all Umaine grads and their children are currently excelling as students there. That's where MY perspective comes from. I'm not wealthy so I can't support UMaine with huge donations, but I had season tickets up until a few years ago, when it began to seem like a waste of time to watch listless performance after listless performance, and there are still 4 season tix in my family and UMaine is the only venue were I would consider buying season tix. I'd love to see the Patriots win another Superbowl and the Sox win another World Series, and the Celtics another championship, but nothing in sports can thrill me or make me prouder than ANY UMaine team showing the world the values of outworking and outhustling opponents that were the hallmarks of our successful teams but are now conspicuously missing. There is NO question where all my college and sports loyalties lie and always will lie. But that doesn't mean that I will stick my head in the sand and pretend that ongoing abject failure is very close to success, or that this is just a temporary blip that will soon turn itself around.

Tim Whitehead just isn't up the the task of coaching Maine hockey and he's proven that without any doubt to anyone who's been paying attention. He's a much nicer guy and family man and more gentlemanly than Shawn ever was but he's not being paid to be a nice guy. He's getting paid a lot of money to run what used to be one of the premier programs in college hockey. He's responsible for everything from recruiting, to guiding and disciplining players, to developing strategies that will best take advantage of his players strengths, to choosing and guiding his assistants, to "selling" his team to the public and encouraging support, to making midgame adjustments to counter the tactics and strategies that opposing coaches and teams try to beat us with, to providing overall LEADERSHIP to the program. It's a big job and I'm not suggesting that just anyone can do it, but TIMMAY's proven that he's one of those who can't. He's failed in every possible measure of success and it's time for UMaine to move on and get a coach who might at least get UMaine hockey moving in the right direction again. I'm under no illusion that another Shawn Walsh is going to come along and win a national championship at Orono in the next few years, but we need a new energy behind the bench in Orono, much like Merrimack is experiencing/enjoying right now. It's time for a change!

john g
03-13-2011, 09:41 AM
I have decided to retire any clothing with "Maine Hockey" on it until Whitehead is gone - and I have a boat load! I have felt ambivilent (not really the right word, but I cannot come up with the proper feeling right now) about Whitehead for the longest time, but enough is enough.

As a matter of fact, I have come up with a few designs for Maine hockey garb - either display "Maine hockey" upside-down or, even better, "Maine hockey" going down a drain.

Do you think anyone from the administration even reads this thread? I cannot believe I feel this way about a team I have folllowed around the country for the past 20+ years.

That was just an absolutely disgusting display of going through the motions last night. No disrespect to the Merrimack program but losing to MERRIMACK - really?????? I may have been able to accept losing to BU or BC but MERRIMACK????? Awful, just awful. Shame on anyone who put on a Maine sweater or stood behind the bench this season - except Paul Calina and Josh MacDonald.

03-13-2011, 10:19 AM
even better, "Maine hockey" going down a drain..

Must be someone who can design that, I know someone who can make the tee. Great idea. Next time I see him I'll ask what something like that might cost per Tee

03-13-2011, 10:20 AM
im not saying you guys are wrong to want your coach's head...but your goaltending WAS an absolute abomination.

i know i know...he has to sign off on the recruits, but Sullivan and Ouellette both had a decent pedigree coming in. sometimes the players have to perform.

the reality is that your assistant coaches see these kids play way more than the head coach does, and you have to be able to trust and rely on their opinions. i dont doubt many mistakes have been made, and you all would know better than i since i'm not really a maine fan...but from my vantage point one of the biggest things whitehead is guilty of is being too loyal to whoever is in charge of coordinating their recruiting. whether that is corkum or kerluke i don't know...but to potentially have to fire an alum puts your head coach into a difficult position, so i can see why he has tried to ride it out.

as you guys have pointed out, some more eloquently and intelligently than others, it's just not working.

A rational and intelligent post.

03-13-2011, 10:23 AM
Actually, an upside-down logo is brilliant. I tried to steal the idea for my avatar, but the USCHO board is acting screwy.

The only downside is that I'm not sure how many people understand the symbolism.

As a matter of fact, I have come up with a few designs for Maine hockey garb - either display "Maine hockey" upside-down or, even better, "Maine hockey" going down a drain.

03-13-2011, 10:24 AM
F U timmay. Be a man and resign. We don't want you anymore.

BEST reply to this **** thread!!!!

03-13-2011, 10:26 AM
What's Whitehead's contract? Is there a chance he will in fact be fired? I know UNH hasn't won a national title, but I don't see any reason why you guys shouldn't at least be in the NCAAs most years just like them...

I know nothing about your AD, but if he loved Maine hockey, he'd make a change.

Finally, I thought you'd beat MC. I based that off last season's tourney run. No shame in losing to them, but losing in two games and losing like you did last night...ouch.

03-13-2011, 10:27 AM
I have been to a few Frozen Fours, but I have friends (Maine fans,) who go to every Frozen Four whether Maine is there or not, because they enjoy college hockey and the the associated atmosphere. I suspect there are a few on the Maine threads who may attend each year as well. Whatever happened to just 'rooting" for your team and not tearing it down? it's sort of like seeing your youngster play t-ball and having a national audience ridicule the kid for not performing up to expectations. That's sort of like what it is on this forum. Every fan wants their favorite team to be in the playoffs and be #1, I am no exception. In reallity, it's not going to happen. It's fine to have an opinion and express it, but the incessant badgering and denigration of the coaching staff is not what college sports should be about, in my opinion.

can I ask how much money you donate when Tim asks you for it... and tells you about recruiting and excellent players and about keeping up the status of the program?

03-13-2011, 10:30 AM
You make some good points, but this coach is not one you can really support if you want your team to be a winner..if he had any coaching, motivational or tactical skills this team would be in the NCAAs not left for roadkill in the HE quarters....if you are truely a fan of maine hockey how can you support whitehead?

I started losing faith when one of the best "in-state" recruits to come along in ten years chose a MASSACHUSETTS rival over Orono. If Walsh was still with us and behind the bench, I can guarantee that Dumoulin would've come to Maine along with many other top-notch guys. I can't blame him for wanting to play for Jerry York over Whitehead.

03-13-2011, 10:34 AM
Don't forget Brian Billett...he could have been the answer for Maine in goal.

03-13-2011, 10:37 AM
Thanks to the seniors and the guys who be leaving, good luck in whatever you choose to do. Hope Maine was good to you and after the disappointment wears off you have fond memories of Orono

The goaltending might be better next year but nothing else will. Does anyone think, Cornell, Nemec or O'Neill improved this year, at all?? Cornell and Nemec looked tentative all season and Cornell might have regressed. I think some of the Forwards got better, Mangene, Swavely Beattie, Diamond all come to mind but the losses are killer.

I've followed Maine hockey for along time, watching the brand of product Tim is putting out there is no longer fun, its a chore. Why bother spending my money on tickets, travel, food and whatever else to watch a lousy brand of hockey. I want to see the D take the body, I want see a hip check when the opponent actually has the puck, I want to see something besides a stick check or a poke check. I want to see Maine finish a team not run out of gas or gag on a hair ball. Its really not worth the aggravation. What others have been saying, wake me when a coaching change is made.

OK, so now, you send that letter to the athletic department and you tell them that you (after being a season ticket holder for the best sro place in the house) will not renew until he is gone. I did.
No more sponsoring the lobster fest
no more donations of stuff for the auction at the banquet
no more season tickets
Timmy barely cares... I am not a huge donor like Jerry LaFlamme or Steven King... so pis5ing me off does not matter to Timmy... oh wait.

03-13-2011, 10:39 AM
A rational and intelligent post.

What were the circumstances under which Corkum and Kerluke took their current positions? Did their predecessors quit, or were they fired (resigned under pressure)? The current assistants/associates aren't the first alums that have worked for Whitehead.

03-13-2011, 10:39 AM
can I ask how much money you donate when Tim asks you for it... and tells you about recruiting and excellent players and about keeping up the status of the program?

I donate 0, I used to say as long as Blake James is AD you get 0 money, they haven't called lately they send letters. I guess I should send one back with my reasons for not donating.

As far as Asst coaches go, I agree, something should change. Whats one area where MAine forwards have really improved in the last 2 years. Faceoffs, who do you suppose is teaching that? Dan?, yeah right. He needs to hit the road and a guy who can coach goalies and D needs to be hired. I won't hold my breathe.

03-13-2011, 10:41 AM
Any chance we can hire Blaise...what's the worst that could happen? I don't think things could get any worse! I have faithfully had my tickets since I graduated in 1999 and I have sat through all the crap the last 5 or 6 years and this was supposed to be the year....are you kidding me! I have never been so ashamed to be wearing my Maine hockey jersey and watch them play in all my life...thank god I was in my own house! I guess when things look bleak and life gets you down, make up an excuse and put in another stick of gum- it's Timmay Time! I can't help but think about what was on the scoreboard right before the team skated onto the ice before every game-House said it! "The future of Maine hockey is now!" What, really! Not much of a future i'd say!

03-13-2011, 10:41 AM
Don't forget Brian Billett...he could have been the answer for Maine in goal.

Yeah and he wouldn't have been put off a year, he would have played now and probably alot. Don't blame him for waiting and going to BC. Another example of how screwed up this all is

03-13-2011, 10:42 AM
I started losing faith when one of the best "in-state" recruits to come along in ten years chose a MASSACHUSETTS rival over Orono. If Walsh was still with us and behind the bench, I can guarantee that Dumoulin would've come to Maine along with many other top-notch guys. I can't blame him for wanting to play for Jerry York over Whitehead.

There were Mainers who went elsewhere to play college hockey, even under Walsh. Some of them were pretty good. Let's not get carried away too much by a particular kid's decision.

That said, I agree completely with your other point. Who on earth would choose to play for Whitehead if he got even a glimmer of interest from York?