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03-15-2011, 01:28 PM
Colgate Starr rink!!!Hah - best high-school rink in college hockey. ;-)

Meehan is really annoying during warmups -- every time the staff photog takes pics, all the flashbulbs around the rink go off simultaneously. I'm sure it produces good lighting, but it's like those Japanese anime cartoons that give kids seizures.

03-15-2011, 02:54 PM
Just curious... Have you been to Conte recently? With the new scoreboards, which are sick BTW, Conte blows away Mullins. And the railings... maybe an issue from the higher sections but lower bowl has no problems with railings.

I was there last Saturday and I take back what I said about Conte. They have improved the place a lot since my last visit. My only negatives about the place are:

1. You can only buy tickets on one side of Conte which happens to be on the opposite side of most parking lots.

2. The "bench" seating after row 16? Ridiculous. C'mon BC; put seats up there.

3. Pumping the band through the PA system. Way too loud and not necessary.

Things I like:

1. Probably the easiest place to drive to in Hockey East.

2. Free parking (Take note BU!).

3. Good concessions and easy access to bathrooms.

BTW: Is Conte the only place where the stands behind each net are at board level?

03-15-2011, 03:23 PM
I cast a vote for St Lawrence. Love that old wooden barn

You said it!

MechE Husky
03-15-2011, 03:29 PM
The UND TV station did a short profile of Ralph Engelstad Arena

Thank you for posting this! I never thought I'd have a reason to trek over to North Dakota. Now I do. :)

11-13-2011, 01:08 AM
"Best rink" means something different to everyone. To me, it means the best place to experience the game, and in any sport the experience is most meaningful when it has historical context. For this reason, every NHL game I watched in the Boston Garden was a better experience than any game at the Fleet Center (or whatever it's called now) because everybody was up close to the ice and there were no suits taking up prime space in luxury boxes, Orr and Bourque played there, all the great Habs teams got heckled there, the stands always shook after big goals, people were swearing and boozing yet my parents brought me as a kid, etc. No thanks to the increase in the amount of money involved in sports, few great historical stadiums are left (in major league baseball, probably the most historical american sport, there are only two) but college hockey is lucky to have several -- Yost, Lynah and Matthews in particular, followed by Gutterson, Alfond and The Whale (that I've seen). I'd rather watch one game in old Mariucci, old Engelstad, Walter Brown or the DU Fieldhouse than ten games in new Mariucci, new Engelstad, Agannis or Magness -- to me, the old rinks and atmospheres are the college hockey experience and luxury boxes and leather seats have no place, donate them to the NBA or something I don't even want to see them. If the level of play on the ice were equal, I'd rather watch a game at Starr Rink or Meahan Auditorium than the Kohl Center -- the one game I saw at Kohl many people were more interested in watching a bowl game on all the televisions. Largely for this reason I oppose College Hockey Inc.'s mission and don't care to see the game expand. Expansion at the expense of the traditions of the game isn't worth it and the old barns are traditions. Please no more new rinks (Penn State, build a throwback).
Agreed leather seats have no place in College Hockey. It just makes people feel guilty for standing on the seating like they should be. I know it's a homer pick but I think that Lynah rink at Cornell is the best rink in college hockey due to the simplicity. Dryden and Nieuwendyk's jerseys hanging from the rafters. Tons of ECAC, Ivy League, and NCAA Tournament banners. A couple of national titles. Fans on top of the rink, sell outs as soon as season tickets go on sale. A loud, creative, and dedicated student section that loves the team. All of the hardware in cases lining the halls and in the locker room (which is ridiculously nice the one time I got to see it). It's the kind of place you just step in and you get chills. The other ECAC rink I put up there is Hobey, but I just think nothing compares to how incredibly special a rink Lynah is. The people who have played there and watched games there have made it special, and you feel a tangible link to the schools history everytime you step in there. But I'm sure everyone feels this way about their own rink.

11-13-2011, 01:12 AM
[QUOTE=Yuppie Scum;5005199]My first post in here..

I've taken the oportunity to get to a bunch of the HEA (and area) rinks over the past year or two. Probably my favorite part of being a fan of Hockey East, I can get to a lot of the away rinks and I'm hoping to get to all of them within a year or two.

Agganis - They have beer, nice concessions/bathrooms, not THE most convenient but well worth the trip. Good pre and postgame opportunities nearby.
Conte - Feels the most like a "pro" rink for sure with the videoboards, etc. Good band. Upper level can seem a bit far from the action. Fans show out but aren't the loudest.
Lawler - Someone in a UML thread described it as "Gentrifying" - I think this is accurate. Used to be a paint factory, now working on assembling the Ikea furniture to fix it up. Cheap tix, and you're right on top of the show too.
Tsongas - Haven't been for a game yet, but it seems like a decent facility, when it comes to shows at least
Whit - Probably my favorite so far, it just feels big, the fans are the most passionate I have seem to date

Bright center (Harvard) - Good mix of modern ameneties and old time hockey intimacy. Also, being right next to Harvard Square is good.

Planning to hit the whit again, NEU and PC this year. Also want to go to Manchester NH for the NE regionals (Have been to that rink, it's nice!)[/QUOTE
Bright (a.k.a. Lynah East) sucks. And so does Hahvahd's fan.

11-13-2011, 09:00 AM
Amsoil Arena because it has great sightlines, I don't have to walk outside to get to the games, and I get to watch my favorite team, which just happens to be the defending national champions.

01-20-2012, 03:29 PM
I'll revive the thread with my admittedly biased opinion of the Pegula Ice Arena, approved unanimously today by the Penn State Board of Trustees.

Ground breaking next month, first game in the fall of 2013.

Artist renderings link: