View Full Version : #3 BU hosts #6 Merrimack -- a week of Hokydad!

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03-14-2010, 11:08 PM
Again, I just want to tell BU good luck; we're all counting on you.

:D On a sad note, I just saw in the Cafe that Peter Graves died. :(

kinda sucks when your team gets hosed, huh?
Like when Curry knocks the net off over and over and over, AND when Gilroy does it, over and over, and no calls are ever made....

maybe I m living in the past, but there are 9 fan bases in hockey east who are pretty sure that Jack has the officiating staff in his pocket.

don't get me wrong, Shawn's teams used to do that too, over and over and Shawn had the boys in his pocket, but look at the game objectively, and not through scarlet colored glasses and count your blessings.

(not a fan of Keenan here, but he is "fair" even though he loves his whistle, and if you think that Bennedetto is bad, then I am sure you have NEVER been to a Bunyon game and you have completely forgotten what it was like to have Conrad in the league.... again, count your blessings)

Why don't you delete your idiotic posts like you do in the Maine thread? :rolleyes:

Congrats to BU. Millan came up really big (absolutely kept BU in game 2 despite a very off night for the Terriers) and getting a shutout tonite was money.

For Merrimack, a bit of a breakthrough season. Beat every team in HE at least once, were very very tough on home ice, and have a bonifide candidate for Nat'l freshman of the year in DaCosta. Given the relative youth of their roster, they should be a handful for a least the next couple of years.

To Scarlet and the other rational BU faithful (I'll let you decide amongst yourselves who the rational ones are ;) ) best of luck.

Thanks! Definitely a tough series - Merrimack never gave up. And a great showing by Merrimack fans.