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03-03-2010, 11:42 AM
2010 ACHA Men's Division II National Tournament. Hosted by the Super East Colleagiate Hockey League (SECHL). March 17, 2010-March 20, 2010. At The International Skating Centre located in Simsbury, Connecticut

Pool A
(#1 Northeast) William Paterson
(#2 West) Colorado State Univ.
(#3 Southeast) Univ. Maryland Baltimore Co.
(#4 Central) Lindenwood University

Pool B
(#1 Central) Davenport University
(#2 Northeast) Boston College
(#3 West) Eastern Washington State Univ.
#4 Southeast) Bowling Green State Univ.

Pool C
(#1 Southeast) Ohio State University
(#2 Central) Michigan State University
(#3 Northeast) Central Conneticut State Univ.
(#4 West) San Jose State Univ.

Pool D
(#1 West) Colorado University
(#2 Southeast) Miami University (Ohio)
(#3 Central) Grand Valley State Univ.
(#4 Northeast) Montclair State Univ.

Team breakdown by league:

6 - Independent
5 - Great Midwest Hockey League
3 - Super East Collegiate Hockey League
1 - Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Hockey Association
1 - Northeast Collegiate Hockey Association
0 - Atlantic Coast Collegiate Hockey League
0 - Great Northeast Collegiate Hockey Conference
0 - Mid-American Collegiate Hockey Association
0 - Pacific 8 Intercollegiate Hockey Conference
0 - Western Collegiate Club Hockey Association

Tournament Schedule:

3/17/10 Pool Play- Seed #1 vs #4, #2 vs #3
3/18/10 Pool Play- Seed #1 vs #3, #2 vs #4
3/19/10 Pool Play- Seed #1 vs #2, #3 vs #4
3/20/10 Semi-Finals- Pool A Winner vs Pool B Winner, Pool C Winner vs Pool D Winner
3/20/10 Championship Game- Semi Final Winner Pool A vs B vs Semi Final Winner Pool C vs D

03-20-2010, 11:47 PM
Pool Winners play in Semi Finals: 3/20/10

Semi Final Game #1
Univ. Maryland Baltimore County-2 vs. Central Connecticut State Univ.-7

Semi Final Game #2
Davenport University- 3 vs. University of Colorado- 1

ACHA DII Championship Game:
3/20/10 8:00pm Est.

Davenprot University-12 vs. Central Connecticut State Univ.-4

The Davenport University Panthers claimed their 3rd straight ACHA DII National Championship, this season over the Central Connecticut State University Blue Devils.

This will be DU's Final ACHA DII Championship as next year the program moves to ACHA DI status and the new Great Lakes Collegiate Hockey League (GLCHL).

DU's Championship Schedule:
Pool B play:
3/17/10 Davenport Univ.-8 vs. Bowling Green State Univ.-2
3/18/10 Davenport Univ.-7 vs. Eastern Washington State Univ.-1
3/19/10 Davenport Univ.-4 vs. Boston College-2
3/20/10 Davenport Univ.-3 vs. University of Colorado-1
3/20/10 Davenport Univ.-12 vs. Central Connecticut State-2