View Full Version : Hey, We Suck Less Now: Michigan Tech Season Thread Part VI

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03-13-2010, 11:18 PM
Maybe if the NCAA didn't pay for this kind of travel it would encourage teams to actually join conference that make sense.

The NCAA only pays for travel for the NCAA playoffs, a small fraction of its expenses. Investigating weither or not Reggie Bush had a house while he was at USC isn't cheap ya know. And given Tech's location, Tech, Northern and LSSU would all be in tough spots when it came to their other sports if they could only be in leagues where they could travel 500 miles to their opponents. Closest Northern Sun school to you guys is Minnesota-Duluth, but then you got schools in that league all the way out in North Dakota and South Dakota.

03-13-2010, 11:56 PM
Thoughts "from the rink" last night.

Don't know why the fans don't come out for games, but they are supporting the AVS either. Only 10,000 the other night when they were play for the division lead. Hockey fans show up. I've missed 1 game that Tech has played in Colorado since 1988. Tonight will be 85 in a row and 97 over all.

The draw for the conference qtr's is an issue year in and year out all over the country. I was just reading in the HE thread that for the last three times that BC and BU met in the qtr's they only drew about 4k a game. If those two stellar programs have issues so will everyone else.

BTW, Tech played us very tight the last four games of the season and they should be proud of their effort.