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03-12-2017, 04:38 PM
I whole heartedly agree with most of what you said. Providence should not be awarded the opportunity (nor should they have been in 2015) to play in Providence solely for attendance reasons, as they are not the host of the East Regional. Brown is the host as they were in 2015. On the other hand North Dakota has the right to play in the West Regional because they are the host. That is how it is set up. You get rewarded for all the work, investment, and responsibilities of hosting a Regional IF you get into the NCAA Tournament. Also, North Dakota would not be playing in their home rink as the Regional is in Fargo and not Grand Forks.


BU Fan 84
03-12-2017, 05:45 PM
JFC look, I get you despise Quinn and think he's the WORST COACH EVAH, but this sounds like you wanted them to lose and that NU has a case to take to the league and get both wins overturned. Penalties were all legit, like the two late ones called on BU late in the third on Friday. The difference was, BU killed their penalties, NU didn't. NU had a chance to end it on Friday. They didn't. BU had a chance to end it and they did.

Um what the **** are you talking about? Yes, David Quinn is not a good coach, but in what world did I ever not want BU to win? The post you quoted was a joke about our bad power play and how much NU sucks. Where did I say I didn't think we deserved to win or that there were bad calls made in favor of BU? You're ****ing nuts.