View Full Version : Wisconsin Hockey Vol. XXXIII: A Fanbase Gets Smarter When All The Idiots Jump Ship

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08-14-2015, 07:29 PM
I'll go in your place! I'll tell him I'm solovsfett on USCHO and rip him a new *******! :D

Now that the Badger football season has officially started, are you getting fired up for Badger hockey? Personally, I am not. As much as I love football, hockey is my favorite sport. I sucked at it; I was probably the final guy who made the cut annually. I couldn't adjust from playing football to hockey with the flip of a calendar; that stoked my fire. While I can't wait for Center Ice programming to kick in, I've got to say the Badger hockey season to me means very little this year. I NEVER missed game on the radio or in person. Now.................:(

that would be awesome if someone from this board could go to the event and bend his ear a bit.

Hockey is my favorite sport (by just a hair over open wheel racing, and miles above football) but I honestly feel no anticipation for the coming season either for Wisconsin, nor for the NHL at the moment (the Blackhawks are my team and I'm bummed about Kane being such a scumbag). And normally I'm curious about the frosh and to see what strides the sophs and juniors have taken but now?

I honestly can't see myself tuning into more than 2-3 games this season. That's how far and how quickly my interest level has dropped.