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01-13-2013, 02:42 PM
And I can't tell you how nice it's been to watch an assistant Gopher coach be interviewed and NOT have it be "nose in the air" John Hill!

No disagreements here! I find that very "encouraging".
Best of luck the rest of the season.

gopher wes
01-14-2013, 08:59 AM
No, but I remember attending a game in 2007 or so when Ben Gordon got called for a 2-minute roughing penalty as he was getting his head slammed repeatedly into the ice.

If the Gophers receive a disproportionate amount of calls from the refs, why do we hate them just as much as the other fanbases?
Didn't Gordon get a game misconduct for fighting?!?! I assume you are talking about the DU game at Mariucci that year? I had a row 2 view of that "fight".

gopher wes
01-14-2013, 09:01 AM
Since we don't know for sure if we'll be seeing UAA face the Gophers again for a long time (maybe playoffs but tough to say yet), I just wanted to give UAA credit for the effort they put in and have put in over the years. I think UAA players should be commended for working as hard as they do when they could just as easily shrug their shoulders with their record and give a passive effort. But they play hard despite being outgunned and you have to respect that.

I don't mean that at all in a condescending manner so hopefully it doesn't come across that way. I do think it is admirable for players to put in that kind of effort no matter what the odds.

Best of luck in your future conference.
Good call, Hammy. Can't say it much better/differently. I will not miss playing UAA on yearly basis, but good luck to all the UAA fans in the future.

Is it weird that I actually felt bad for UAA when Marshall scored the game winner on Friday night?