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01-28-2013, 09:32 PM
Yes I do because one of biggest stuggles for Mitch's Misfits is organization and while I know the first year the Tech Experience was also a down year for MTU, I am positive the change to no skin in the game for students changed things. When you have 5-6 rows of dedicated fans that paid money up front, they're more likely not to skip a game, they're more likely to go on saturday after a loss on friday and the misfits can be better organized when week-in week-out a core group can be up front, etc.

I would suggest finding any core group and have each of them invite one friend to physically bring. Offer some incentive, free pizza slice or popcorn all you can eat. When you give it away for "free" it's tough to start making them pay.

I do agree that when students had to buy tickets they would be more interested in going but that was more in regard to season tickets bought at the time of enrolling for the year. I remember a friend having season tickets and asking others to go because he had tickets he paid for.

01-29-2013, 08:13 AM
give away extras tickets, seats to area high school students.

I'd like to see enough seating to qualify the Mac for playoff games. dont know the numbers. perhaps the punching out of the east end of the arena would add enough?

its on the wish list, but the scoreboard fund raising took priority. and I think Tech would like to see the current seating full before adding more.

01-29-2013, 08:20 AM
I'd like to see enough seating to qualify the Mac for playoff games. dont know the numbers. perhaps the punching out of the east end of the arena would add enough?

its on the wish list, but the scoreboard fund raising took priority. and I think Tech would like to see the current seating full before adding more.

I think what Tech really wants is another set of suites on that wall.

Flashy Man
01-29-2013, 08:41 AM
I think what Tech really wants is another set of suites on that wall.

Those were not in the plans, Russell showed SG and I. The showed a hall of fame area, perch for the pep band, relocated Zamboni room, and a wrap around concourse. There was a concept showing suites similar in fashion to what they are doing at the National Concrete & Events Center along the south wall.

Shirtless Guy
01-29-2013, 09:09 AM
I think the next expansion in actual seating would be a "club level" that goes from the ice up to the concourse and continuing to the suites on the suites end.

01-29-2013, 09:48 AM
This recruiting visit must be an important one if Mel is handling it personally.

From the Mel Pearson show it sounds like Mel was more out scouting. I wonder how common that is for the head coach to be out doing that.

I think what Tech really wants is another set of suites on that wall.
You start to wonder how many suites can the are support. Maybe they could, it seems like all the existing ones are sold for most games.

01-29-2013, 09:49 AM
Mel Pearson show summary for 1-28, Damon Whitten was in studio for Mel:
Mel got back late last night, and he figured Dirk woudl talk about the scrimmage, so Damon is sitting in
Dirk - 2nd intrasquad game of year, wasn't sure how turnout would, pleasantly surprised Damon - turnout was fantastic, big element was having the band there, good environment
Gold (Damon's team) got the win, more impressed with 1st half, good job my Kevin, got peppered but kept the shutout, gave up a couple breakaway opppotunities
What do you worry about in intrasquad game? Told teams, UNO is playing Bemidji with intensity/pace, wanted game like intensity, but be smart with contact
We got out of it what we needed, as much as you can
Dirk - It's a smaller ice rink than NHL, it's bigger than it used to be more than 15 years ago
Damon - Ice size changes things a lot, no time for Dmen, want to get pucks/traffic to the net
Dirk - Some guys are waking up - Yeah, Furne has had a few good weeks, 2 goals in scrimmage, great move in scrimmage on pass from Seigo to beat Phillips, his 2nd goal great execuation between him and J. Johnstone
On Junior class - Furne, J. Johnstone, these guys scoring will be a huge part of our success, have had 2 lines off/on scoring, could use a 3rd line to get going
After game - fans wanted pics with trophy and individual players
Final score Gold 6 Black 3

Damon's overall thoughts on Huskies season:
Key is to have goaltending and defensive play getting better/being great - both are better
We're a young team, freshmen have played a lot of college hockey by now
Dirk - has bye weeks been tough to prepare team? Damon - It's been really tough, searching for way to keep their attention to get better everyday, hard to harness momentum as well
What do you see differently in Pheonix? Pheonix starting to see what it takes everday to be good. Shields has done a great job talking to him about that.
Jamie has gotten better, maybe a bit of a set back on Saturday, not his strongest performance. We're trying to find times to get him in net. Pheonix will have a lot to say about that. We have a Tuesday game coming up, we'll see.
Defense and forwards playing better in D zone. What are they doing now? Damon - Want forwards to be in position to help if needed, take care in front of the net (Damon said a lot more bout that)
D. Johnstone is coming on. David playing his best hockey, had a good freshmen year, now coming on, his skills are good, getting pucks to the net, moving the puck, going into corners
Jujhar - He's so strong to play against. Tip of the iceberg right now, we'll see more out of him to finish year. Matchup nightmare for teams. Once footspeed catches up to this level, he'll be so tough. Made some great passes in scrimmage.
Blake - 16 points, not sure if he'll be asked to score goals in NHL, but the way he shoots he can chip in for scoring, NJ is patient with prospects
Kero - fantastic saturday night playing with speed, B. Pietila, Petan, Kero line has been great, clicked in practice and scrimmage. Kero maybe best player on ice for black squad Saturday. He could add a little more strength.

On bubble players:
Talk to them everyday, tell them what they're doing well and not doing well, a lot comes down to daily practice habits, Blake Hietila was working great in practice for awhile and for whatever reason took a small step back, heavy legs maybe.
Likteig adds great speed, a lot comes down to compete/battle, kids don't realize how hard you have to compete to be succesful.
Aaron and Chad Pietila were great Saturday
Jimmy Davis - hasnt' cracked lineup, is he close? Damon - Yeah, he's played 8 games, done a good job when he played, he plays hard/strong. Notice his compete level on Sat. His issue is more reads/position at times. Jimmy also banged up for a bit, he's healthy now.

As an assistant coach, do you find yourself rooting for certain guys?
Root for guys that help us win.
There are guys you have different relationships with on the team, maybe you recruited them.
Try to be objective to put best lineup out on ice.
Times when Damon feels player x should play over player y. Mel makes final decision. Mon-Thur try to figure out who should play.

Intrasquad game scuffel - Jujhar/Sova/Seigo got in the mix.
Didn't think it was much, but coach asked about it, it made it's way on twitter etc.
It's good, want to replicate a game, going to complete/battle have frustration.
Not sure what got JJ upset, but he slashed Rix, took away our PP. Sova got on JJ for slashing, Seigo got into Sova. Sova/Seigo was worst of pushes/shoves. Playing with intensity.
Dirk thinks it went Viral because it appeared genuine. everything fine after game
Damon - Thur Shields/Damon warmed up with team for 20 mins, then left and let guys scrimmage after that for 20-25 mins, but players were out there for 40 mins, they want to play/battle not lose.

They reviewed WCHA scores

We're tied with Bemidji, 12 points, top six has 21 points at this point
Take one game at a time, want to climb the ladder, but overall Friday night at Omaha is next
There will be a lot of movement still in the WCHA with it being so tight

Questions for Whitten:
We have not matched up well against UNO the last few years, what will we do differently?
They're the opposite of Bemidji, Bemidji is structured in their play, UNO is more free will/free style, fast explosive with high end talent.
Have to get pucks behind their D.
If we can manage the puck we'll be okay
Basically two one goal games last time taking into account the ENG goal and also lost last minute SHG
Their transition game worries me the most, if we can take that away we'll have a good chance

Does the team approcah Winter Carinval any differently than other games?
Have to a little bit, guys know what an event/great crowd it is.
Our guys feed off the energy. Guys more excited than usual.

Preparing the team for this weekend after the weekend off and the long bus trip, easier to have the bye or no?
We wanted to play last weekend, keep going if we could've.
How do we have a great couple days of practice so we're ready for that puck drop? We'll ratchet up practice, starting today. Demand a lot of our guys.

Do you get gut feelings at all about how a team will start a game going into it?
Definatley feel better if it's a good week of practice. But never really know.

They discussed NHL being back

We haven't won in this building. This UNO team plays/competes hard. They know their weakness is on the back end, they want to pay up ice.

On Milos Gordic:
lower body injury, thinking it could be full go today or tomorrow at practice, there's a chance he travels and plays

On Sova:
Coming back from injury, their's no guarantees to come back in, has to step up and grab a spot by playing great every night
we've got guys that can play, Brown, Fillion is back and better. Hyland has stepped in and done well too.

PK has gotten better:
81.1%, want it higher, goal would be 83-84%. Goaltending has been biggest change, but guys getting into shotting lanes has helped both forwards and Dmen.

Guys close to scoring goals, Eick:
Eick had a great week of practice, scoring left/right, one his good friends was in town, maybe he was putting on a show in practice, save some goals for this weekend. Once he gets that first one, a couple more will go in.

Jake Johnstone: He's playing his best hockey, has confidence. He's playing with speed, that junior line has some chemistry.

On recruiting:
out looking, always trying to get better. Excited about next year's clase and down the road. Have a big list now, crazy how far out you go. We have a senior goaltender we need to replace, hope to know more about that soon. Probably done for next year, except if the right guy comes along.
Coach is out, nice with a bye week, the coach can get out and see some guys. Saw some of our committed guys, some guys we're talking to. Great to have his eyes out seeing guys, he's been around a long time, great recruiter at Michigan.

Drik - May not see Damon at UNO, he may be on the road recruiting. Damon - Big weekend this weekend, also looking forward to Carnival for our fans to come out.

01-29-2013, 10:34 AM
Those were not in the plans, Russell showed SG and I. The showed a hall of fame area, perch for the pep band, relocated Zamboni room, and a wrap around concourse. There was a concept showing suites similar in fashion to what they are doing at the National Concrete & Events Center along the south wall.

The renovations at the National Hockey Center look pretty sweet. check out the fly through video.


Flashy Man
01-29-2013, 10:40 AM
The renovations at the National Hockey Center look pretty sweet. check out the fly through video.



01-29-2013, 11:59 AM
Are people expecting an official announcment on the video scorboard or no? I think they announced the planned suite additions, maybe that was because it was a large donation.

Shirtless Guy
01-29-2013, 12:31 PM
I'm guessing the scoreboard won't be made official until the offseason.

01-29-2013, 12:52 PM
BTW Nicaragua is a great place... the total cost, exclusive of airfare, is under 600 dollars for two people.
So what you're saying is we should have skipped over UAH and just added Nicaragua to the conference to cut travel costs.

Do they offer a bus service to the game?
Is the SDC at a much higher elevation now than it used to be? Fans used to walk up the hill to see hockey games. Quite honestly, if you don't have the motivation to walk up the hill and sit in a free seat, a free bus isn't going to get any more people to show up.

As far as more seats go, I see no point in discussing more seats until there are at least 10 sell outs per season minimum. Lack of supply creates demand and the folks that miss out one game because actual seats were sold out will buy tickets in advance the next time if they don't want SRO.

Ryan J

oldish husky
01-29-2013, 02:20 PM
The problem is the students no longer have to invest anything in getting seats so why go until you've forgotten there was even a game tonight. I think they should go back to not including hockey in the freebies. It just doesn't work. I'd rather have student pricing so stupids buy season tickets and then feel vested in showing up because they spent money.

I agree Shirtless. there's always enthusiasm as the start of the year, so students will pay some money and then want to use the tickets. It's hard to tell people that the hockey game is worth their time and then turn around and give them a ticket for free. Everyone knows you get what you pay for. If it's free and you don't go, you aren't missing much. Having said that, winning does help. although even when I was a student and we only had one .500 season, it still seemed like the student section was full. I wonder how many of the empty seats were claimed by students who grabbed a ticket just in case they decided to go. Charging for tickets would ensure that whoever got the ticket would use it.

The Exiled One
01-29-2013, 02:25 PM
First, why is there no MTU/UNO thread?

Second, are the Huskies going to beat the Mavericks this weekend.... please?

01-29-2013, 07:54 PM

love it!

01-29-2013, 07:56 PM
A few points.
1. a winning team will bring out more students, but it might take two or three years before there is more demand than there is seats. I think there ought to be some of the seats on the student side taken away and sold to the community or given away to youth hockey.

2. I agree that it's early but you have to think well ahead or you end up behind, and I think winning will bring out people faster than you think.

3. I think if you added 6 or 8 more suites you would have all of them sold in a year or two, And even if they were only sold for the bigger games like carnival, nmu etc, it would be worth doing.

4. I think the east end makes the most sense as far as changes. lets say the suites were at the same level as the ones now, then below that could there not be just regular seats going down to ice level. Put the hall of fame in the concourse that's behind the suites and some special rooms in the corners. I'd also add some better food service places, as the ones we have just do not supply a full house now let alone additional people, and the food isn't very good. I get pretty frustrated waiting in line and often just go back to my seat rather than stand in line for 20 minutes.
5. Speaking of food, can't we have a salad for sale somewhere!( I had a lot of fun at the tailgate they had early in the year, but the food was terrible)

01-29-2013, 09:01 PM
There really isn't a formal segregation of the community and the students. It's just that the cranky geezers sometimes get their undies in a bunch about a few of the student cheers, and so they prefer to rattle their canes, walkers, and dentures, and fling holy water from the other side of the arena. No one is stopping them from buying seats on the "student" side (other than Section L).

Also, who eats salad at a hockey game? :p Really, they just need to keep the Jilbert's ice cream, the obligatory popcorn, the WCHA's best nachos (;)), and pop, as I think those are the big sellers. The pre-cooked hot dogs and lukewarm cardboard pizza are just gross. Having mistakenly tried both, I have no idea who eats that crap.

01-29-2013, 09:05 PM
Team also has Luke Davison (Junior defenseman) who is the younger brother of Wisconsin recruit Tim Davison. Luke already has an offer from Michigan Tech and has generated interest from a lot of schools around the country. Luke skates as well as any defenseman in the 96 class, but I worry about his awareness level moving up the ladder. Davison like his older brother is property of the Chicago Steel.

01-30-2013, 07:58 AM
aw cmon! us geezers are shaking our canes in favor of the risque cheers! objections to chants IMHO are from the admin - most likely worried about political correctness.

01-30-2013, 08:41 AM
First, why is there no MTU/UNO thread?

On its thread UNO is focusing on its outdoor game with North Dakota the following weekend.